hey guys. im composing a song in G#minor and i want to shift the mood halfway into the song, however ive never attempted this before in any of the other songs i've written. the first part of the song sets a real sad mood, but i'd like to shift into a happier one halfway into it and finish with a happy feeling. does anyone have any ideas i could apply for this? maybe some chords to switch to for the rhythm that change the overall feeling?

any help would be appreciated.

sorry if this should go in the songwriting forum, but i figured its more theory related.
Every minor key has a relative major key. For G# minor, the relative major key is B Major (for future reference, it's 3 notes higher in the scale, and for the realtive minors to major keys, it's 3 notes lower in the scale)
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Shinozoku is right, transpose the part you want to sound "happy" to its relative Major key, that way your still playing the same notes that are in the scale but it gives off a happier mood. good luck
thanks guys. any tips on how to transition without it sounding like two completely different parts put together? should i keep one or two chords the same and change a couple?
Well...you could modulate into the relative major as my good buddy Shino ( ) suggested. Play the III chord (In this case B Major) and play around with B Major as your tonal center. You could do an Authentic Cadence back to the B Major. Personally, from there you could do a circle progression to the VI chord, then do another Authentic cadence to finalize it. I dunno. I'm bored so I'm just typing out my thoughts.
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Make some fake cadences with F# - G#m

After that, do F# (optional dominant) - B.
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