Looking for something which stands out from the crowd and looks DIFFERENT?
Our website has a unique shape and style which does stand out.
NOT antother Les Paul knock off...looks more like a Gibson Blues Hawk!!
And you don't have to sell your house and car to own it like you would with a "Paul" !!
Beautiful Les Paul type Electric guitar made with quality parts:
Double binding on the body and headstock
Awesome dark red flame maple top / solid mahagany body pearl inlay neck
very cool looking bronze hardware (tuning pegs,bridge volume tone nobs)
Seymour Duncan pickups
Grover tuners
Gotoh bridge
NO Dings / scratches /dents All Brand New!!
Awesome sounding guitar!!
Price: Less than $400.00 in my online shop...no international scammers needed thanks!
email for pictures and or more info...ready to play it / buy it!! Thanks

All these above you can find on my online shop and the link is: *link removed*

We use paypal to complete the transaction to prevent any scammers.

Any questions, please either send email to *link removed* or talk to our customer

represenative on line.
and again, *reported*
OMG!!! They're playing One!!!!!11fade to black11one11

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