i just bought a lyon paul stanley electic guitar from zellers...now aparently its a limited edition its #411 out of 5000 and only available in canada from zellers stores....and its sighned by paul stanley from KISS with a certificate of authenticity a custom strap and 3 signed picks....now did i just waste my 300 dollars???? or would it be worth some value later.....i dunno i am just a newbie.....thanx
It will probably be worth little, if anything down the road. Its still a cheapo beginners guitar. Plus from what I've seen signatures rarely add value to a guitar, unless the guitar signed was owned by the person that signed it.
Is Lyon a subsidiary of Washburn?

Edit: Checked- it is.
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KISS always release these limited edition signature guitars.
Aimed at die-hard KISS fans, not guitarists
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It's definitely not going to be worth anything anytime soon. Probably never will be. It looks pretty crappy from the specs too.
so they r not a good guitar not even for a real beginner??? has anyone played it?