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Today, my friend brought weed to school, and was stupid enough to take it out during class and start playing with it. he was arrested today, and as his best friend, i feel horrible for him. Too many people judge him on his actions, while i just respect them. I promised myself i would help him get through this, can anyone suggest somethings to do? Or has anyone else been in a situation like this?
...does he have a brain? you should not respect that desicion.

but just tell him to wait out his time and do what he has to do.
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and why do you hang out with this kid???

seriously, i'm not trying to be an asss, but thats just stupidity, plain and simple
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wtf? i wouldn't be stupid enough to bring it to school, let alone take it out and start "playing with it"
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first of all he's an idiot for doing drugs. Secondly, how much of a retard do you have to be to take it out during school.

He deserves everything he gets.


Your friend's an idiot.

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what an idiot
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how the hell do u play w/ weed?!?
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You're friend is a jackass.

No worries though, he won't get any time, unless he had a ****load.
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Going to school high is bad enough... but BRINGING it? Idiot. I feel bad for the poor guy but... idiot.

A lot of people bring drugs to school rofl. People were playing hacky sac with a pound of shake at lunch at my school.
How much did he have? I live in Montreal and they police won't bother with you if you have less than ten grams and in school nobody paid any mind to people who smoked...that's pretty wild he was arrested.
Wow... who would be dumb enough to first of all, bring illegal drugs to school... and second of all... take them out in the middle of class? Sounds like you seriously need smarter friends.
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You might wanna tell him to stop smoking if hes so dumb as to bring weed to school AND start playing with it. I'm not saying don't be his friend, im just saying as his best friend you might wanna say "hey, get a brain man"
Why do you feel sorry for this clown?

Hes a tit for getting caught with it, let alone taking it to school.

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yeah ****.. thats pretty stupid... sorry man but he deserves it

id never take it out durring ****in class and start playing with it
take away his weed and give em some frekkin Ginko Biloba (sp?)
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he shouldnt get time

my friend aaron has been to JV 2 times

they might say until he's 18

but they normally get off way way earlier
i do not feel bad for him. he took out his weed during class. i wouldnt even consider bringing any to school.

Jack my swag
i know a kid who pulled a knife out in school. dumbass. needless to say he got his arse stuffed in juvy. not really. but he got a 3 or 4 month supsension.
OK if he wants to smoke weed fine. he's a complete idiot from bringing it into school and playing with it though!
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How much did he have? I live in Montreal and they police won't bother with you if you have less than ten grams and in school nobody paid any mind to people who smoked...that's pretty wild he was arrested.

haha, well that's montreal for you.

you go to an anglo school? i think in a franco it would be much different, no?

also, what school do you go to? like if you went to FACE or MIND then obviously it wouldn't matter...
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How do you "play" with weed...?
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Funnily enough my psychology teacher outright told me she wouldn't mind if i was to actually smoke a joint in class, so long as the other students were fine with it too and no one found out :/

This is before i even told her i like to enjoy it once in a while <_<

EDIT: Not that i intend to, that would be asking for trouble anyway...that and why waste it on college xD
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5 good friends of mine got caught smoking weed at school a week ago.

2 might get expelled
sucks, cause now in the mornings ive go noone to hang out with

you should do what I did and kick his ass, like i did my friend who brought the weed
i agree with everyone that this kid is just dumb... in america, you guys get BOMBARDED with anti-drug ads. they treat weed as something equally as deadly as crack, which is absolutely not a true statement... but that's beside the point... he either wanted to get busted or he's so incredibly stupid that it was only a matter of time before his stupidity ruined his life...

i'm damn glad to live in canada, where the police don't really care about weed, and the worst they do for non-trafficking offences is take the weed away and then probably go smoke it themselves...

It's his own fault. I don't even know how you could play with weed. You might be able to make a game with some pills or something... but not weed.
well depending were you are i don't think to much will happen
he's properly underage and the first "crime" he's committed
so they'll properly just slap him on the wrist
by playing with it, he took out his dimebag, and the kid next to wanted to see it. they began tossing it back and forth, it feel on the ground, and the teacher picked it up, and sniffed it, called some other teachers in, and my friend got arrested, and the other kid got 10 day out of school suspension. And he is the kind of kid who does brag, and he does like attention.
1 of my partners in science sold weed to my other partner while the teacher wasnt looking...while we were doing a project
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1 of my partners in science sold weed to my other partner while the teacher wasnt looking...while we were doing a project

In my old science class I saw drug deals every other day.
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