hi! ive been visiting this site for a while for tabs. however, i just recently became really frustrated with the fact that i dont really know anything about music theory. i just dont really seem to know where to start. i can technically read notes (i learned when i played violin back in the day), but have been using tabs for five years. i suppose i can play decently, but i would really like to know what im doing. it all just seems so intimidating! should i just try to find "music theory for dumbies" or what?
Take lessons becuase they help alot. But if you plan on teaching yourself I suggest learning scales (major, minor, pentatonic, whatever) and start looking into the Circle of Fifths.
I'm self taught. I bought a how to play guitar dvd and learned from that.
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A good teacher is the way to go. However, keep in mind there are bad teachers out there, and they will just take your time and your money.