so im practicing scales to build up my speed
i practice the pentatonic scale

what i need help with is people say use a metronome, but what do u mean?

also, can someone show me a new scale? cuz practicing the same scale over and over bores me

(")_(")....just cuz

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metronome help you play say like "blank" noters per second, which helps with timing

personally ive never used a met. and can keep time fine and shred fine

try the major scale, harmonic minor, look on the site your on dude
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well im starting scales as well
so my teacher was teaching and telling me about major scales and the pattern of whole steps and half steps that they are made of. so after he showed me one, he had me write down the notes to the other major scales.
its something good to start on for scales
chromatics scales, major scales... they work well
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