Ok heres the deal. I have like 110$, I could prolly go over a little, but in the end ill have to save alot more.
I need like a cheap hollowbody electric I could use for slide, suggestions? Ive thought about Ebayin too
Oh yea, thanks for any help I really appreciate it

I really like those hollowbody electrics that Jack White uses, that Kay
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a used dobro would be ideal for sliding... dont ask me for specifics though
Yea ive thought about that but I want something with a pickup that I can plug in, You know how Jack White uses those Kay Hollowbody electrics?
yeah... but for 110 bucks... im pretty sure you wont find anything decent in that range (unless youre extremely lucky)....

id save a little more to like 300 and go find a nice hollowbody on ebay...