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sounded cool, and nice playing. It just sounded a little to cheesy and epic for me lol.
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definitely have some skills bro.

but i think you should calm down on the speed. like, yeah you gotta be good to do what you do... but don't be afraid to throw in some sick slow leads to help build up the anticipation for the next big thing.

listen to comfortably numb (pink floyd) or Mordecai (Between The Buried And Me) and youll see what i mean.

i find slower, more thought out riffs are more interesting, the speedy things come of kinda cheesy and you lose interest easily.

but all in all, very good playing.
Kick ass dude
Liked it.
The playing was great , but try using the whammy bar more , for more expression
Is that some sort of Charvel or something ?
Nice, I really liked that, not usually something I'd listen to, but it was pretty awesome.
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