I Was Thinkning About Getting New Pickups For My Epiphone G-400. But I Dont Know What I Should Get. I want something that can handle distortion but sounds good through a clean channel. I play some metal and alot of stuff with chords.
Any Help Is Appreciated. Thx!
What's your budget? Are you in the US or Europe or elsewhere? Some examples of the tone you're looking for would be quite helpful-any bands you particularly like the sound of?

EDIT: What amp do you have? New pickups won't make a huge difference if your amp isn't up to scratch..
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Just check some sites they have some sound clips on some. I wouldn't suggest EMG's because they don't sound very great clean IMO

EDIT: ^ yea list some bands; metal is very vague
well not death metal. i like to play metallica, Nirvana, and Radiohead. So a wide varrity. i have a Line 6 Spider II
I live in the U.S.
Well, I'm not going to lie to you, the Spider series are pretty awful amps, and I don't think there's much point in you getting a new set of pickups yet-you simply won't hear much discernible difference with through a basic modelling amp. Compared to the amp, the pickups only have quite a subtle effect on your final tone. If you're serious about guitar, you should consider saving up for a decent second-hand valve combo. Something like a Marshall DSL401 would be perfect.

What is it about the pickups in you guitar at the moment that you don't like?
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Save up for a new amp; new pickups won't make much of a difference with the amp you have now.
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new amp is the best way to go. i was a noob and i got new pickups, sure the sound improved but to really hear it im getting a new amp....because crappy amps make the sound crappy.
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