I've decided to replace the pickups on my Epiphone LP Custom.

I play Jazz & Blues mostly. I am leaning towards Gibson pickups.

I know that Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio are great but how much better are they than Gibson pups? Any humbucker recommendations?
i always heard that gibson pickups were the best, like the Alnico-5 ones, which are their latest humbuckers i think
If you change the pups change the pots and selector switch with better grade electronics. I did a swap and didn't change the electronics and it didn't quite sound right. I thought I messed up the wiring but I decided to change out the rest and it made a huge difference.
people are going to tell you that gibsons are overpriced. in my opinion, if you have the money go for it; they're only like $20 more. look at the pearly gates and the seymour duncan jazz model.
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