Anyone use these babies? I bought a used one a long time ago and it's just got a beautiful sound. Two years ago I got a 12 string and it sounds, looks, and plays amazing. I just ordered a 6-string version and can't wait!

Best. Acoustics. Ever.

Got a pic of them here: http://www.randyellefson.com/gear.aspx
Sure do. I just bought an AD60S-12 and I am enamored with it. I also had an RD20S and an RF20SM. I don't think I've played a bad Alvarez.
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Quote by Artemis Entreri
I love my Alvarez. I think they pwn most acoustics. Especially the yari's.
A Yairi is an Alvarez.
^ I think he meant this: "I love Alvarez's, especially the Yairis. They are better than most acoustics."

Linguistics is awesome...

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yeah, Alvarez guitars are awesome.

nice shameless plug for your website