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2 12%
3 18%
Jackson DK2M
6 35%
Ibanez S470DXQM
4 24%
other-please post it
2 12%
Voters: 17.
Whatever one you like. I personally prefer Jackson, but ESP and Ibanez are still great guitars. They feel similar but with just little tweaks. It mostly comes down to what you like.

There is never really a "best" for anything in guitars, its all what you like.
One is not better then the other as a whole. I think Jackson makes the highest quality guitars $1300 and under. Once you get above $1500 though, it comes down to taste)
i'd say that i love esp the best
jackson 2nd
ibanez 3rd
personally i really don't like ibanez because they made like all styles of guitar
which is sort of unrealistic to think that they are that good at metal as well as the other stuff
where as esp and jackson
they stick to metal
Get a Ibanez RGT42DX. dual buckers, 5-way pup selector.
Ibanez RG42DX
Peavey Valveking100
Avatar 4x12 cabinet w/ Celestion Vintage 30's
Line 6 Spider 3
DOD Flanger
Ernie Ball Strings
Dean Edge 4
Peavey TNT 135
GHS Strings
i say go with the esp
but c if you can find a model with the oricinal floyd rose design not just the liscenced one

and c if you can find an actual esp instead of an ltd
its like the difference between an epiphone and a gibson
Quote by pe4c
The best guitar is the one you prefer


and also

jackson was like the guitar brand by all the 80s bands
ESP is used by most new metal like lamb of god and so many more
Ibanez...dragonforce and Vai. I dislike dragonforce but most dont so. its ur choice.
I have a jackson Dinky with two seymour duncans and a floyd rose and it came like that for 600$$$ thats a damn good deal but u can get EMGs in the ESP for 580. no floyd rose though.