the songs we have up on our myspace now are very lame. good songs. crappy recordings. and we write some poppy stuff too... but we will love you forever if you click the link and be our friend.... click it :]... <3Houston

fell free to post criticisms, comments, or just say you love us. WE WANNA KNOW! <3houston
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damn, you guys rock
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You guys are actually pretty good.

I was expecting pretty crap like most amateur bands. You've got potential lads.

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You sound like every band in my town

It WOULD sound a lot better if it was recorded well

I didn't like it, but you could be a good hardcore band, Tooth and Nail style

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i understand what your going for.

but try staying away from the repetative chugg breakdown things. breakdowns are sweet no doubt, but try adding some more technicality to it, mess around with timing and maybe some switching off parts from guitar to guitar.

not trying to say your music isnt good, but after being in a band similar for a year or so... i noticed its not a style that is going to be around much longer.

check out my old band bro.

i resently started a new band that i feel has more potential because it can be accepted by more people of different styles.