The question here is not how to make a tab. I have Guitar Pro 5 so actually making the tab is easy.

There's a song here that only has the intro for a certain song and it's wrong. Also, I can't find a tab for the rest of the song anywhere. So I thought I would go ahead an listen to the mp3 and take a whack at making a tab.

How do you guys that make a ton of tabs actually go about determining actual notes and what length they are and then comparing them to the original?

Is there any software out there that can 'listen' to a music file and generate a staff with notes or a tab? I'm thinking that in the case of a single-instrument intro or solo, this would not be a huge challenge to the programmer with the right knowledge.

Is there any sort of media player that when you hit 'pause' instead of being silent, it continues to play the note / sound from the moment it's paused at?

Any input on techniques would be appreciated.

I don't write tabs...but I do try to learn to play a few songs by ear...my best advice to you is just listen to a certain section of a song you want to learn, and then just try to play it by ear.