So one of the guys who works for my father had an amp laying around and said he would give it to me. Today i got it and its pretty nice its a sunn 260 its got 2 12's and is 60 watts, its solid state but it sounds pretty good for ss (i was really turned off ss from my fender 650 but this makes me look a little more kindly upon them), it still doesnt sound as good as my tube amps but at lower volumes its because i h ave to really crank the duncan ( the vj is better but its gotta blown fuse atm) heres a picture of it (i know the cab udner it looks ****ty but thats cuz i need to give it another paint job the ultra flat black didnt turn out to well)
dude, you look super ghetto.

make sure you gig in detroit.

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That is hella ghetto, but hella awesome.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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that.. is... uber awesome-ness.
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the homemade cab is actually relly good construction it just doesnt look good in photos due to it being ultra flat paint (it was laying round ) and the head cab is too long cuz i made it stoned( really stoned i vaporized and smoked outta my bong) . the sound quality is good which is all that matters, i do have a grill for the cab btw