Ok so I have read the guide on how to choose your guitar and all, but I just want some opinions.

btw, Im a total guitar noob, aka idk what a stratocaster er telecaster guitars are or anything. I just have an old Yamaha acoustic that iv been plucking around with.

I have a budget of about $300 for a guitar and amp, so any suggestions?

also, whats a good website to look up guitars and decent deals for them? Its just for reference im not going to order one online.
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What style musci do you play. I know you have an acoustic, but I know some metal players that started w/ that.
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well. If u sold that yamaha u may have a reasonable amount of money to start out with. I personally think that fender(or squier) or epiphone are fine guitars to start out with. BUT I think that Ibanez has a package where it has a guitar with two humbuckers, a tremelo and an amp.

And a good site is http://www.musiciansfriend.com
theres a lot of others but I just heard about that one first.
musicians friend is my favorite website for just looking. dont buy a stratocaster. i would go for an epiphone les paul. thats just my opinion. it was my second guitar and despite people saying epiphone is bad mine was better than a lot of other guitars. as far as amps. i would go with something under 30 watts if you are sorta a noob. go with solid state. thats what most amps are. dont really worry about that cuz the amps usually say if they are tube. i like tube amps but im not sure you want to spend the money or have to take care of it. i hope i sorta helped.
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I would sugest a Roland Micro Cube or a marshal MG10 or Marshall MG15 qas an amp. They all cost less than 100$ As for guitar, looka t Epiphoen Les Paul Special II or Squire Stratocaster of Squier Telecaster. That would be a good starter setup.
yea, i would say go with a epiphone les paul standard, or maybe a g-400 sg, they are about $300, i know you said that much of a budget, but trust me you want something that will last because that will probably be your main guitar for a while, it has pretty good guitar for less, oh and for an amp, i went with a marshall 10 watt for like $70, so you might want to increase your budget.
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