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I would give my left nut to hear a rendition of Selkies by BTBAM live.. ... But I live in Eastern Canada and nobody comes here!
Real eyes realise real lies.
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BTBAM better come to the UK someday...

Sorry to double post, but they came earlier this year with Misery Signals
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Sorry to double post, but they came earlier this year with Misery Signals

Oh...well they better come again then
Own a PS3?
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Hell, better hope DT even tour Australia.

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I consider myself to be really intelligent and I've gotten into a fight coz this kid thought it was nasty to put sour cream on enchiladas.

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The fact that I went TOO high singing a Darkness song on Singstar

the closest thing ive gotten to a progressive orgy like that was BTBAM, horse the band, animosity, and some other band i dont remember.
it was AMAZING.
and this shall be too.
idc if i have to travel across the country.
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there are 11 words in 'the alphabet'
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I'll go for BTBAM, maybe stay for Opeth...then leave.

wow. you are a douche. without dream theater, there probably wouldn't be BTBAM.
shame there's no symphony X like there was in glasgow a few weeks ago...
Check out my guitar quartet composition The Lone Wolf and you will be rewarded! With a live wolf!

Are you a PROG-HEAD? I am.

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I'm adding you to my list of most hated UGers.

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