Once again recorded with a cheap computer headset microphone and edited with Audacity.

I know the bongos and lead guitar are somewhat off at a point later in the song, but I didn't want to record stuff over again, and meh, it's rockin.

I was going for the Santana-y feel with the last minute of it. Let me know if I came close.

Led Zeppelin pun intended.
crit as i listen

pretty chil sounding, i like it, the tambourine is nice

the up strokes are a little lound and over poer the lead guitar part in some parts
and the volume is rreeeaaallllyy low, and my aim sounds are like blowing up my speakers lol

dont like the distortion part so much, the bonjo was way too loud and the tone was weird

C4C? 2 different songs

Thanks. I re-edited and re-mixed. See what you think now.

Also fixed the spots where tracks start and finish to where it's smooth and no sound is made.