Hello. I have a MIM left hand Telecaster standard. Recently, I came across a left hand strat single coil for a lefty and was wondering if it's at all possible to put a Strat single coil where the Telecasters would be... sounds stupid to ask, I know. I'm just not sure if there might be some tiny fact preventing me from being able to. Anyways, heres a link to the pick-up I'm thinking about getting. Thank you in advance for the responses.

Global warming at my homework, sir.
Yeah, you can do pretty much anything you want to a Tele, if you feel like it! However the Strat pickup has a different shape and you'd need to do some routing and then mount the pickup directly to the wood (which is my prefered method for tele bridge p/us anyway!) You'd also end up with a small unsightly hole on either side of the bridge plate. You could get around that buy replacing the bridge plate with a humbucker-sized one and then mounting your pickup to the wood underneath it at an angle.

So, it's not especially challenging, but not really worth the effort unless you love that strat pickup!
If you want a different tone out of your tele bridge, try removing the metal baseplate from the back of the pickup (takes off a bit of treble- be sure to wire your bridge to ground after doing this), and also by screwing the pickup directly into the wood beneath the bridge (sounds really nice and fat, but make sure you line everything up properly before you screw it in!).