I have the choice of either a Bare Knuckle cold sweat or a nail bomb. I havent had any experience with bk pups and Id like to hear what people have to say about each.
I'm really not familiar with the Cold Sweats, but the Nailbombs are awesome, organic sounding pickups that are very versatile to boot. Your best bet is to ask on the Bareknuckle forum, or better still, email Tim at sales@bareknucklepickups.co.uk. He's very helpful, and if you describe the sounds you're looking for, along with your equipment, will help you find exactly what you want.
what styles and tones are you after? and what guitar are you putting them and what amp do you play? ive played a guitar with a nailbomb a mesa roadster and got a very good heavy tone, though its not my style... nice pickup though.
I have an old carvin tube head. Im still debating which guitar to put it in. Im going for a heavier sound, its kind of hard to describe a sound in words.
don't really know why u only have those choices, but okay.
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Well someone is selling me one and those are my choices
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If either one is the perfect pickup for you then great, but don't compromise just because of your current situation. Decide what you want, then wait until the situation changes, or you have the money to get it, whether it be first or second-hand. It's the only way to get the sound you want.