hi guys, i gotta peavey studio pro 112 is this amp anygood for metal/hardcore?
also the guy who is fixing it atm told me it actually has a tube in it so it a tube amp?
i have gotta say im a bit of a n00b when it comes to amps, so any bit of info on this amp i would be very thankfull for

thanks james
its a hybrid, so its not exactly a whole tube amp. the preamp is a tube, so it will almost sound like one but not exactly. i havnt tried it, but some hybrids are awsome. there is nothing wrong with a hybrid amp, u have to jam on it to see if it fits your style though.
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I've got one, the transtube is sweet, the lead channel is actully pretty rad it can really wail, the general tone of the amp is really sweet, I have the tube dynamics at about 80% for blues and anything clean really, and between 35-60% for metal, really is a sweet amp man but the blue marval speaker blows if u do want to play metal, I suggest upgrading I threw in a celestion into mine, nothing too fancy but better than that marval in my opinion
how would i go about geting a new speaker?
are they easy to change?

thanks for the help, wozza