i wrote this song the other day
the verses might feel a little strange sounding, i tried for some different syncopation rhythms going on in there...
please critique

(Ride cymbal swells)
Guitar line x 4

Chorus Chords without words: (2x)
E E (G) E F#
F# (E) F# G
G G (F#) A
A A (G)

VERSE 1: (Cut back to guitar line over verse)
Gonna dig myself a bigger hole to
Steal, covet, and blind my soul, oh
Thought I was sure I wouldn’t pull no crime
Had my chance to be in my prime, yeah

Threw it away, threw it all away, oh
Looks like the demon’s come here to stay
Poisoned my thoughts, my heart and mind
Another chance’ll be tough to find

(wait one measure&hellip

CHORUS: (same chords as before)
When you look back
Do you see your stains
Wash away the truth
and erase your name

When you turn back
Will you hide in shame
See all the sinful things you’ve done…
with all the pain
…yeah, all the pain

The choice in my hands, found locked away
I wanna say that it’ll be okay
I let my guard down and run through the gates
but I wasn’t comin’ back ‘fore it was too late

My head’s held down, lookin’ out the door,
I ain’t comin’ back any more
My wrists cast in iron, my blood gone cold
the chains’ll hang from my neck till I’ve grown old


Bridge: (Use same picking pattern as verses, only repeat on E)

This isn’t what I was meant to be
I’ll never look back and I’ll never be free
My life looks in circles, three times round
Goin’ down… Yeah!

GUITAR SOLO: 24 measures
E xx E xx G x A x
Eight measures in E
Two measures in A
Two measures in E
One measure in D
One measure in C
Two measures in E
One measure in D
One measure in C
Two measures in E
Four measures: (same strumming pattern, repeat every chord as E)



please all feedback is welcome
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