I just started getting back into guitars again. I just purchased two new ones and have some questions. How good is a Peavy Signature Series guitar? Is it recomended. I played it and it has some amazing sustain to it and just an overall beautiful sound. Any opinions? Any suggestions to hot-rod it?

Also I just bought a Schecter Blackhawk with Seymore Ducan pickups. An sh-8(invader) and an sh-6 (mayhem) It is used of course and I paid $200. Did I score or get plowed in the a**?????

Please any comments would help. I'm still learning and the only way I will is by asking. Just comment about the guitars or just call me a dumb ass! I don't care, it's all fair game.
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im in the same boat as you right now. i think the best way is to just try it out. i constantly try things out at the guitar center to see what i like more.
As far as I know peavy is great amp company but it is kind of hard to tell if that is what your talking about, if its guitars I have no idea.
Schecter is overall great, and it has duncans so if the pickups arn't toast you got a fair deal
Hope I helped
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