hey everyone
i have recently bought, but not yet installed 2 new pickups from Artec, known as Giovanni Custom pickups for my stratocaster. The problem i have is that as they were both designed to give completely different sounds, (neck pickup has a D.C.R of around 6.0k and is supposed to give a vintage glassy or bell-like tone, and the bridge pickup and has a D.C.R of 10.2k and is meant to have really high output and everything) I am unsure of whether or not they will work well together or just turn out to be a complete mess.. any help would be appreciated
i really think the only way to find out is to try and hook em up.

this should be moved to the guitar forum by the way.
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okay. second time. in the electric guitar forum, or GG&A forum. not the pit.
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i know lol i did this at the same time as the other one, thought id stand a better chance of help