Right. So, I need to order new strings tomorrow. Ernie Balls haven't been working for me, as when I solo or whatever, they come out of tune no matter what effort I take to remedy the problem. I've used 9's and 10's in the recent months. So, it's time for something new.


Thinking about D'Addarios this time. Anyone have experience with these little bastards?

Also, just in case you were wondering, my baby is a heavily modified Malden Holly Keyser.
The peeps at GC reccommended DR Blues. I have them and I had the same problem with the Ernie Balls
So far, the DR's haven't broken, and they stay in tune well.
Cheep too
havent used those strings in particular but i usualyl use d'addario brand.

excellent imo, they sound good for a long while. little twangy on the first couple days but as far as i know all strings do this.
The strings are going out of tune because you got a ****ty axe bro.
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Personally I use nothing but Dean Markleys. Nickel Steel on my electrics and the Blue Steel on my acoustics. They're just beautiful sounding, rarely break, and stay in tune like nothing I've ever played.

Also, I'd reccomend avoiding Dunlop strings at all costs, they just plain suck.
i just got D'addario's today for the first time, i usually use Ernie Balls and these seem great so far
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GHS Boomers have been working great for me. They have a thicker sound than Ernie Balls and last a lot longer than some of the other types of strings I used to use.
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i tried elixers but they didnt hold a good tune for me... right now im running on 11 gage DRs and they are pretty nice, i used 9 gages but i got tired of the whiny sound when i would solo
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The strings are going out of tune because you got a ****ty axe bro.

Like I said, heavily modified. As in, most of the parts are changed and I love my axe. Now, kindly get out of the topic if you aren't going to help.

Thanks everyone for the help otherwise.
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I have no problem with ernie ball power slinkies, but it all comes down to prefernce i suppose. I can recomend GHS.