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12 63%
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Voters: 19.
i want a prestige for xmas, always have for like the past 4 years

im finally gonan get one this xmas and i need to decide what one to pick to tell mum.

between the Ibanez RGR1750 or the RGA121
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id go for the one with the trem, because with that, you have the option if you want it. but you dont have to use it. keep that in mind.
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^ I don't think that's a really valid option with Floyds, as they're such a pain to setup and maintain...
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+2 to the PGM; one of the best guitars in the Ibanez line-up.

Really, when deciding between these, as mentioned above, think very long and hard whether you'd like a trem or not.

Personally, the longer I have guitars with Floyd Rose trems, the more I want them blocked. So I'd advise you to go for either the RGA121, which is a very nice guitar or, if it's within reach, the PGM301, which has a few advantages above the other choices making it well worth the extra money.

By the way, if your in NJ, a few months ago the Sam Ash in Paramus (I believe it was there) still had a PGM301 and besides, Sam Ash can ship from store to store if you want them to, so if you want it, you'll most likely get it in a reasonable period of time.
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Well, you can pretty much simplify that to: do you want a trem or not. If you're not sure, go for the one without.

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