I know quite a few songs, but sadly they are all of other peoples work.
I know some scales E Blues, E Mixolydian, etc, but I don't really know how to "tie" everything in.

Where might be the best start for beginning music theory? There are not any teachers that I know of around here (small town, 1 mile long 1/2 mile wide, less than 600 people). could someone teach themselves theory?
well yes. i do RCM exams on violin so i've done up to grade 2 theory...well in canada.

check at a music store or anywhere for a "rudiments of theory" book, which will help you out to start learning a little more or to practice your knowledge skills.
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The most important part of music theory is the major scale and it's modes and you don't need a book or teacher to learn that. You shouldn't just learn the boxes though learn how to form the major scale. The formula is WWHWWWH W=whole step up H=half step up as for the modes they just start at a different point in the formula like the Dorian formula is WHWWWHW notice your doing the same patern just starting at the second note instead of the first. Then you could start at the third note HWWWHWW(this is phrygian) and so one until you get back to the original formula every different formula is called a mode. It may seem daunting at first but it isn't very hard at all. and btw in case you didn't know Whole step is 2 frets up and a half is 1 fret up
It may be wise to go into a bookshop and buy a "Fundamentals of Music Theory" book.
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