So im looking to play songs that have an amazing ring to them, i cant quite explain it but songs that just sound good even though most people dont know them. I would prefer instrumentals but any songs would be nice. An example of one such song would be joe satriani tears in the rain. Simply a beautiful song. So any acoustic pieces from the greats would probably be the type of song that im looking for.

Any suggestions?
Liquid Tension Experiment's "Hour Glass" is nice, because 1) its easy to play and 2) sounds awesome. as for anyone else, im not sure about "just acoustic" songs.. but learning the chords to many satch/vai songs can sound really awesome.
Razor - Foo Fighters
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silverchair - without you.

more acoustically driven could be hallelujah by jeff buckley.
already know always with me always with you (fantastic song by the way)
razor is a very nice song
i also liked hallelujah and hour glass
keep those suggestions coming guys these songs are great