Christ in a pita I'm pissed off! I went to radio shack, frys, and target and asked all of them if they had any speaker cables (1/4" male/male), and they all point me to your everyday guitar --> amp cables. I then tell them that I need a SPEAKER cable for my guitar, which is followed by a blank stare, then "but these ARE guitar cables". I then reply by explaining that the cables for a guitar to an amp are different from cables for an amp head to an amp cabinet (the speaker cable I need), and the dumbass salesperson tries to convince me that all 1/4" male/male cables are the exact same, only varrying in length. God I hate salespeople who have no idea what they are talking about, just trying to make a sale.

So I'm asking if anyone knows of a store that isn't online or Guitar Center where I could find a speaker cable? (GC is too far away, but if I HAVE to, I will). Also, there is only one small music store near me and they didn't have one.

Thank you

And sorry if the title was confusing/misleading...
The small store couldn't order one? Also, I think your car audio installation places might carry some.
I don't have a credit card and my dad never gives his out online... He's kinda paranoid.
Yeah, I dont' see any on cartoys.com so I'll just give up and drive all the way to GC