dont go over your favorite bands songs to come up with somethign you think will be liked.

dont try to write like someone else.

dont worry about whether or not the lyrics seem lame, or corny... just make it sincere.

usually, it helps to make the melody using just sounds along with the song.... then free-write lyrics separately with one main idea but not much structure.... then take those lyrics and manipulate them to fit your original patterns and melody.

also, dont mess around and adjust the lyrics too much, often times you will find your first idea is the catchiest, and most intriguing.

good luck!

oh and, you also shouldn't post lyrics your confident about on any site.
cus you know damn well someones taking parts and using them for themselves, which as i previously stated is not a good way to become a good song-writer.
wrong forum, dear. try s+l techniques.

when birds flap their wings do the make believe they're really arms?