Okay, well I have a floating bridge on my Super Strat, and I would like to lock it. So far I took off the bridge and took out the springs of the bridge. I read online that you can tighten the springs so the whammy bar only works downward. So how do/can you tighten the springs? Or do you have to buy a set of tighter springs?

If there are any other key points am I missing, please tell me. Thanks for any help in advance.
Step 1) Put a block in the front trem cavity to prevent the trem going backwards. That'll make the trem only able to dive.

Step 2) Int he back trem spring cavity, put as many springs as you can and tighten the claw. This won't prevent you from doing dives but it'll make it really hard to do it.

A combination of the two will make it so the trem won't be able to move unless you really try to
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