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no. i'm trying to work out all these things. i try my best everyday to get good tone for that day. good tone that day isn't the best tone tomorrow. it sucks.
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Tone always changes, espically when you gig cos mr. sound guy likes to **** with it through the desk.
when you have a ****ty frontman 15 watt amp, the word "tone" doesn't exist in your vocabulary.
I am extremely happy with my sound, when I can crank the amp. However, I can't really do this often.

My cleans need some work, I just haven't bothered dialing those in yet.
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What is this "tone" you speak of? I seem to have none.

Yea, my tone sucks, because I have a sh*tty guitar and a cheap bass amp. But who cares, I play for fun, not for tone. I'll upgrade eventually, when I have a few thousand dollars to spare.
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I love mine.
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It could be better
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Yes. Thank you Dimarzio!
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I like my tone, but it could be so much better.
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I like my tone, but it could be so much better.

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It depends. My sound will be amazing the one day and I will be ecstatic, and then, the next day, I'll hate it, even though nothing has been touched since the last time I have played. I do love my tone from my pedals and guitar most of the time though.
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I like my tone, but it's too dirty and muddy. I'm going to be happy when I get enough money for a Peavey 5150/6505 though!
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no~still looking for that sweet sweet juicy tone

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The neck pickup on the JTk2 is kinda bad, and I'm willing to bed an emulated roland jazz chorus sounds as good as the original.
I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I can't seem to get alot of different tones.. I have a Les Paul and a Vox amp and 3 effect pedals but every setting is so much alike.. I change the treble and bass settings sometimes offcourse but it ends up sounding exactly the same.
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Despite my pitiful rig I do most certainly love my tone, although at higher volumes I would prefer something with more than 10 watts, its still good for what I need, nice punchy, solid distortion with a nice low end and edgy highs. My cleans are a bit too sterile and it gets all funny sounding at loud levels but otherwise its decent
Yeah, kinda. A step up from my current gear would cost a lot, so I'm satisfied for now.
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i like it, though id like a fuzbox and a tube based pedal capable of making my amp go alitle heavier (not like metal but like, crunchy modern rock).
yes ive found i pretty good tone.
esspecially considering the equipment i use to get it is really not top notch.
But im upgrading soon.
although i cant turn it up loud enough for gigs while remaining the tone, so its only good for recording.

but its a yes from me
My tone is absolute ****. It's not even my gear it's my sloppy playing. I've been trying to fix it for weeks but I still feel like I was as ****ty as I was when I started putting in effort.

I have a Fender Frontman 15 watt. My Digitech pedal helps it a lot though.
my tube amp produces the best clean sound, i don't like the natural distortion it has, but with pedals i can get the tone i'm looking for
no, i'll be happy with my tone when I get a vox ac30 or a jsx and a custom carvin
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I'm happy with my tone at this point, it's my playing that I'm working on mainly.
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Happy with my tone? HELL NO!

But it seems like my guitar sounds great through any amp except mine. I really need to upgrade that piece of trash
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I'm happy with my tone when it's loud, but I live in an apartment, so I rarely get to turn it up.
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Im satisfied, but I would still like it if it was to be better, so basically, it could be better, but 'it does' I guess is the best way of summing it up, tbh my ear for tone isnt as great as some, I know great tone, good tone, mediocre tone, shabby tone and atrocious tone...but other than that im sorta 'meh' about.
I get a pretty awesome sound recording direct into my PC, but in real life it sounds ****.

I just need a decent sounding amp, so I'm not just using pedals through my crappy 10 watt thing
I'm happy with mine, except I could probably do with a bit more gain. The cleans on the other hand...woah, just, woah.
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I'm happy with my rhythm tone for the most part, but I can't seem to find/create a good tone for solo-ing.
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