i've been playing acoustic guitar for a few years now and i'd like to start recording some stuff... only problem is i'm lost. i dont know where to start, what to buy, etc...

here's some questions i have after doing some research online...

i want to record acoustic guitar so i've read the best thing to get is a condenser mic. i was looking at these two mics, one for vocals and one for the guitar.

are those good mics to start with?

they don't come with cables though i dont think, but what kind of cables do they need? i've seen like xlr and s/pidf, 1/4, etc... i dont know what to get or whats best. any ideas?

also i want to get the output of the mics into my computer recording software. do i need a preamp to do that? or what's the best way to go from mic > computer?

i appreciate any help and tips

Those will be excellent microphones to buy.

They both require XLR F > M cables, as they are condensor mikes and need phantom power.

You'll need to buy an audio interface with 2 XLR F inputs, which has phantom power supplied to both of your inputs.

You'll also need a couple of microphone stands and a pop filter.

This is the type of thing you'll want.

I don't recommend that particular model, because there'll no doubt be something available, which someone else will recommend, which will come with a free program.

You need to be wary, because most small audio interfaces only have 1 XLR input.
I have that exact mic set, and I think it is great. You will need a preamp that provides phantom power, as has been mentioned, and an XLR cable for each mic (or just one if you will only use the mics one at a time). Then you just run a regular 1/4'' cable from the preamp to your soundcard. The 990 has been great for vocals and acoustic guitar, and the 991 is excellent for the guitar as well (particularly for close mic'ing).

I bought this set from MF, it is the same mics but for an extra $20, you get the audiobuddy preamp as well. I think its a good deal, as the shipping will be free since the cost is $99.