id go with schecter, i dont really like the cheap end les paul copies...
Sorry, I don't like Epiphone guitars, so Schector for me too.
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thanks for the compliment man!
if yours was at least a standard, then yeah, but for now, imma go with the schecter.
you fail.

I like schecter a whole lot more.
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I'd get an Epi LP Custom. It's the best of the lot in my opinion. Or you could get the Epi Standard and put Bareknuckles in there to really boost the quality.

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Doesnt matter if you have EMG's unless you have a good amp... but I'm a les paul lover and find schecters to be kinda wimpy feeling even their high dollar ones. I go with you Paul.
I go with the epiphone, schecters... bah

Les Paul = classic!

If you only have 1 EMG in it though.. thats a bit.. stupid looking esp since its black on whatever colour les paul you have since standards dont come in white.

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doesnt mixing active and passive electronics screw stuff up?

are you only using the 81?

either way, i'd take the schecter.

p.s. i dont agree with putting EMGs in heritage burst guitars. it's just not right. if that is the color, which it probably isnt.
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putting an 81 in the epiphone = epic pwning urself. i mean...wtf a epi lp with one active and one passive? phail....

edit: sell the 81, then put a JB in the bridge, 59' in the neck, and u would be ok
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you guys both fail. just because you fight over whose guitar is better

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you guys both fail. just because you fight over whose guitar is better

+1. And for the record, my DK2T owns both those
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you guys both fail. just because you fight over whose guitar is better

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