I've been trying to write songs with my band for ages and have had different outcomes and approaches...

my main question is your opinions on what a song should be written for...

should you make something that is 'good'?
something you like?
or just what ever comes out?

anyone had 'success' in any of these?

i'm just reallly confused coz i have a creative block these days
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Everytime I try to write something that just sounds good I don't feel it as much. I usually just write what wants to be let out. But there isn't anything wrong with changing it to sound good after it comes out. As long as you can feel it, that's all that matters in my opinion.
Well, whether I think a song is "good" or not is based on my personal opinion. So, if it's something I like, it will also be "good" to me. I often use the "whatever comes out" approach, but if what comes out sounds like crap, I'll scrap it.

Sitting down and going: "All right, time to write a song!" rarely works for me though. I can't force ideas or creativity.
Well, when you look at your best material, what was the process that yielded it?

IMO, a song should be something you feel and enjoy performing. You should always strive to make it the best that it can be. Writing things you like and writing to the best of your ability are not mutually exclusive goals. And remember, you can always rework something if you've got the start of something good but it's not quite there. For tips, please see the appropriate subforum over at S&L.
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go with the whatever comes out method and if you enjoy playing the song as much as you do playing one of your favorite songs then you know its a good song. well to you anyway but that is the main thing.
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Quote by queenofthenight
Well, when you look at your best material, what was the process that yielded it?

Definitely a good tip. For example, I just can't deny that almost all my best or most comlpete songs were written when I stayed up too late. For some reason, after holding on to that guitar, at like 2 in the morning song ideas come to me. Of course you want to be inspired, but working at music means putting yourself in a position to be inspired, and then having all the tools to carry out the song.
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