Hi there , long time no see(i guess...) !

So heres a new song from me , at last , didn't record any complete song in awhile (well art is never complete right?)

The melodys and rhythems for this song kinda stuck in my head for some time now, always popping up when i'm trying to write some stuff , but i didn't want to do anything with it cause i though "maybe you've heard that melody somewhere" and i don't want to rip off someones stuff , but i just don't know where so i gave it a go

well anyway here it is ,


called Brassbound , found that word by browsing http://dict.leo.org/ (german - english vocabulary) hehe , first cool sounding songtitle hihi

well i maybe need to re-record some parts (hell , the solo is played so damn ****ty , i mean , even i could have done better) and im still not sure about the order of the riffs .i thought about fading out at the last chorus for a while , but then it's kinda getting short and i wanted to get that intro riff once more , so i thought make this the outro hmmm

so some detailed crits would be awesome and maybe , if you know that those melodys already exist , tell me .

C4C ofcourse!
(and again , sorry for my english ...)
english is not my native language
type as i listen:

pretty cool intro, reminds me of some black dahlia murder.

nice riff after with the breakdown type thing, fits the genre.

good flow into the thrash riff, what bothers me is maybe make the drums hit the cymbal on the bass and snare, i hate it when drummers get lazy and hit it only on the bass drum

good structure still

perfect into the blast beat.

drags on a bit, but of course that cause it defenitly needs vocals

i actually enjoyted the solo very much, well done, wasnt too sloppy IMO, ncie tone to it as well.

oo very nice with the long chorus melody, then the breakdown, well down, adds alot to the headbagning attribute or watever its called lol

overall pretty sweet song, i liked the structure, and it had a good metalcoreish feel to it.

i also liked what you said about art never being finished, i always wondered that myself ;-)

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Nice beginning. I like the blast beat when it comes in; very cool.

Some of the toms feel like they might have a little too much rumble in them (for some people), but I think it sounds fine.

There's kind of a breakdown at about 3:18 that's cool. It's gives some nice breathing room. There could be some nice vocal stuff there.

It sounds good as an instrumental, so if you put vocals in it, it should sound amazing.

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Listening now.

Heavy ass dark intro i like it. Good riffing. I like the layering of guitars, but the rhythm guitar is a little loud at :47. Drum have been kick ass, except one ride cymbal that i occasionally hear is too loud. Solo at 2:20 is awesome, very dark very demonic, you capture the whole tone of the song with the solo. The breakdown was awesome, drums seem to be to far in the backround during it though. Good work man i enjoy that, even though im sure it would have harsh vocals, which is not my cup of tea.

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And now i cant get back again....
thanks for all the crits! i hope to get some more , then im gonna rerecord some of it and change the drum a little etc , hope to get the toms better , i always fight with them ...

thanks again for all the crits and keep criting!
english is not my native language
thanks man!yea , i'm noobish with metal genre's (cause i switch from song to song it seems , well not song to song but every now and then, so i never know what genre i actually play lol but i don't care anyway,as long as it sounds good ..)
and yeah.....the vocal part..i suck at writing and i suck even more at actual singing..or..whatever it would be called..

but im working on some lyrics ... got 4 lines now lol , after like an hour , but those sound kinda cool... although im using words i don't really now lol

maybe i can get one of my band mates to help me out there , i don't know ...
english is not my native language
yeh defenetly sounds like metalcore! very kool riffs! i wish i could come up with cool riffs like that more often >.< i like the melodic chorus part and the main verse riff the best

Not sure bout the tone to be honest but thats my only crit
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I must say that was a good song, the riffs and structure of the song are well done. The only thing that I noticed was at the end of the solo it gets a little quiet and you can't hear it very well, but other than that I thought it was pretty good. I don't listen to a whole lot of metal so I can't say if it's amazing compared to other songs but it didn't bore me as I listened to it.

Crit mine?
wow im liking this, i love metalcore and that kind of stuff, so i can appreciate this to its full extent
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thanks for all the crits , i critted yours now Edgeworth08 , sorry for taking so long .

i'm gonna re-record tommorow (hopefully) and use your sugestions(hope thats the right word..)
and maybe gonna try to get vocals down (my own , wich will ruin the song completly lol)

Sora 01

you don't want any crit in return?
english is not my native language
Listening now. Cool intro. Opening riff is pretty badass too. Listen to Killswitch much? This is a pretty cool song man, I like it. Keep it up and get some vocals!!!!

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