Wondering if anyone out there who can play this song can tell me if you play it in D or Db? 'Cause I play it in D, But it doesnt sound quite right.... But sounds fine when played on Guitar in Drop D...

The tab I used states D but Db for pretty much the rest of the Karma and Effect album.

How can I get to Db using a tuner that only does BEADG and C? Im not sure how to use it, and I cant tune by ear very well, at least not to Db.
Tune the D string to a Db by holding the A string at the 4th fret, then tune the low E string to an octave of the Db
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Quote by SirPsychoTheSex
at least not to Db.

If you can tune by ear, theres no reason you can't tune to Db really.

Just use your Db on your 4th fret A string.
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EDIT: Sammcl pretty much got it dead on.