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August Burns Red

So she said things would never change
From summer's fall to winter and again
We will stop the tide, the transformation
Time will stand still, August always burns red

The gold, the greed we cast aside
Changes colors, it's useless, we deny
What is worth most will never be the same
My love for August always will remain

Remain! and pick apart the soul
Remain! I ask you where you'll go

Remain! And keep this light
Remain! And always wonder, always wonder
Did you do what's right?

Blown Away

This song is a story about a leaf that gets blown away...

from the tree it calls home
through all the places it roams
just carried along
on the wings of the wind;

to the nest he helps build
for all the birds he calls friend
to the dirt he falls in
till he's blown away again.

Then the rain falls
and the wind's replaced by water.
This crazy raging river
makes the journey a little harder.

And now I'm too wet to fly,
but at the same time
just to light to drown.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Oh and Enigmatic, theres a great band that originated not far from where I live. The name is Enigmatic Heart, your name reminded me of them.