does the peavey 6505 have more gain than the 5150. i'VE ALSO SETTLED ON GETTING THE PEAVEY 6505 USED. i need to know before i buy it, if there are any better combo amps for metal around te same price?
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The 5150 = 6505
The 5150II = 6505+

I dont think theyre are any others as good at doing metal near your price range. Maybe a used ENGL Fireball IF your lucky.

EDIT: Just noticed you want a combo in which case, disregard the Fireball Suggestion.
The 5150/6505 should be great!

The two amps are completely identical (save for the logos and name), but internally there is NO difference.
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yea 5150 is great for metal.....but you should have a look at the fireball too, since it has better cleans
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