i want some opinions on this.

im in a band that we started in january and i love the guys to death and i love what we all do and i plan on staying.

i play bass and scream.


recently i was contacted by an old drummer of mine from my old punk metal band back when we were all like 14 and 15, Of Greetings And Goodbyes, he is now in this other band that my band is really good friends with, and by the way we are all 16 and 17 now.

and he mentioned to me that our old vocalist wants us to reunite for 2 more shows.
because we were very popular in milwaukee where we live and we kinda just stopped playing suddenly.

he wants me back on lead guitar and screams, he wants the drummer back for more, and him back on bass and vocals.

i dont know what to do.................im not sure how the other band will react if i reunite, Am i and my ex-drummer ruinig our new bands?

lemme know what you think uger's.
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If you want to get the old band back together and it won't interfere with your new one, go ahead. Expect some pissed offness from ur new band, but if they good brothers they'll understand.
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Why can't you be in two bands at once? .. I'm not sure if something changed, but generally I find it commonplace... in fact, here in our local scene I know guys in three or four large local bands (although I'm sure if any of the bands makes it big overseas they'll have to make a final choice)

If you can deal with the pressure of two bands, and you can convince the band to reunite and do practices on days you aren't practicing with your new band, then I'd suggest you do that. Besides, no one said you must commit to your old band, just play two shows, right?
However, if you're forced to pick between the bands, I think you need to give a bit more info.. Who do you work best with? Who are your closest friends? Why did you break up in the first place?(the real reason.. was there a fallout or something?) And what will you enjoy more?(Its not just about them, or you, but its a bit of both)

Personally, I'd pick the new band, and work harder to make it as popular as the old band. If things were so great with the old band, you'd have never split up.