my guitar sucks plan and simple, I'm looking for a new one perferably under $500 and can crank out some serious metal, rock, ska, punk...ok damn near any riffs. I need help so I am calling on you, the UG masses to aid me in my quest for the one to out play them all

sry for the dumb epic speach there.
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Er. . .

Where are you?

Do you want a tremolo?

Humbuckers or Single Coils? (I assume humbuckers?)

What amp do you have?
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i would recommend an ibanez anthying in the s series is pretty good you can play jazz to death metal punk to shred i have a s 520 ex and it is a tone machine and WILL NOT GO OUT OF TUNE i dont care how crazy you get with it tremolo
i'd agree with a strat. other options:
an ibanez s series (as long as it doesn't have an edge iii trem in it) is also acceptable.
maybe an epi les paul too if you don't want a trem.
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