Ok, I didn't know where this should go so thats why its here.

My cousin has bad luck with his guitar. He recently broke all the strings in anger, and now he wants to play when he can't. He doesn't know the thickness of the strings he needs, and neither do I.
But if I can measure the holes in the tuning pegs, can I just go out and get strings, or should I forfeit my abilities and allow a shop to restring it.
thanks everybody.
Goes in Electric Guitar, obviously.
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The holes in the tuning pegs do not need to be measured... they will accept any reasonable string gauge.

If you don't know anything at all about what you are doing, take it to a shop and have them do it but make them show you what they are doing.
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you could just buy whatever you want and adjust the truss rod accordingly to how you want the action to relate to the fretboard

No offense to threadstarter, but to this dude, If he thinks he needs to measure the size of the hole in the tuners to find out what string guage he needs, do you really think you're going to help by telling him to adjust the trussrod?

TS, go out, by some GHS 9's, then restring.


Also, you do not change your action by adjusting the truss rod!!! Why does everyone think this?
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ok, so as long as the strings are a reasonable gauge i should be ok? yeah, i normally keep the package that my strings come in, in case i forget the guage, but this is my cousin, and for cripes sake, he doesn't know left from right and he's 23.
hamish, it doesn't matter about the size of the holes in the tuners, they accept anything really. I'm just saying if he gets thick strings that he might have to play with the truss rod to get them to feel good on the fretboard. other than that, I really could care less about another question that belongs in A DIFFERENT FORUM!!!!!

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Heh, reminds me of the first time I broke a string. I thought I had to hang onto the ball at the end and tie it to the end of the new string.
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Yeah, you definitely need to measure the holes of the tuning pegs....
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I would just have somebody do it at a shop and watch them if you can so you know how to do it next time.
Get D'addarios 009's, and ask the shop to restring it

They are almost certainly going to be 9`s.
Go to the shop, and ask them for gauge 9 strings.

Google "Re-Stringing Electric Guitar", and follow the instructions.
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Just go with 9's or 10's.

simple, easy answer. if it's stock strings or whatever, use 9's.
if you want some more beefiness, do 10's.

either way, take it to a shop. have them show you how to do it.
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