Hi im new to this forum, i have used the site for the month i have been playing however .

My question is.

I have been playing roughly a month now, i own a Epiphone LP copy. i have learnt the basics ( IE: chords power chords ) a few songs (mostly crap) and i just am looking for advice on were to go next.

i dont plan on playing to impress people, i just play to relax and for something to acomplish.

my interests go from soft rock to heavy rock to jazz to blues

Thanks in advance (:
What I did was learn songs that I found challenging, it makes playing even more fun, and around that time I started tweaking with my sound, and having fun with the guitar.
thanks for the advice (:, any suggestions on possible songs? i have a little bit of 'search block' lol
is that really necessary? i have played drums for 7 years without a teacher and i am better than alot of people that have had teachers and played for longer :P

and besides i feel i can go at my own pace without a teacher
If you haven't already start working on barre chords, learning the pentatonic/blues scale, and doing finger and alternate picking exercises. All this will really help when tackling more diffficult songs. Then of course, learn lots of songs! Keep trying to tackle new material and gradually increase the difficulty.

There are tons of song recommendation threads on here so it's kind of pointless to get into that. Really though I think you should find music you like and try to learn it as opposed to learning what people tell you to. Pull out your cd's / mp3's and start listneing through stuff to find playable guitar parts and then look up the tabs for it. I find this much more rewarding.

If you don't have lots of music in mind then make Last.FM your new best friend to start finding some bands you enjoy that are beginner->intermediate level in playability.
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get a teacher and learn theory unless you are poor like me...

if you cant afford a teacher or like playing on your own schedule then go to cyberfret.com and learn guitar theory. it is the best site that i have come across for theory so far.
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nirvana dude!

it's the best to learn barre chords and get some strength
thanks tweak i will give it a go (:, i can already play intro to 'smells like teen spirit'

Is it important to learn full songs? or sections?
Get "The Guitar Handbook," it's got info covering so many aspects of guitar (music theory, scales, chords, sections on different styles of music, how to read standard notation, and even sections on taking care of your guitar, how it's wired, great guitarists, lots of stuff)
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yeah im a virgin but im also pretty good at things like ping-pong and drawing pictures of people playing water polo so it balances out
i HIGHLY suggest buying a book called "Fretboard Mastery" its made by this guy who plays metal and teaches the guitarist from Alter Bridge (who used to be in creed). In th beginning of the book he gives you ear training exercises so you can better play what you hear in your head on the guitar. and then it goes into scales and he gives really sweet rockin distorted examples of them all and teaches you how to play them and REALLY encourages making stuff on your own. Teaching myself for 3 years, i have found this book invaluable It's amazing.

Besides the book... i'd probably work on:
-Alternate Picking
-Even Timing when playing songs (cause i've heard recordings of myself when i was a beginner and what i thought was a good sound was really off-timeing)
-scales (use alterate picking and even timeing on this!)
-typically the Major scale, and Minor Pentatonic.
-hammer-ons and pull-offs
-Tapping (always a fun thing to do :-D )
-the open chords and memorize them (A-Am-B-C-D-Dm-E-Em-F-G)
-and then Barr chords to fill in those gaps so you can make a Cminor!!! w00t... the more chords you learn, the better you can put the music in your head onto the guitar.

just take it one step at a time, good luck bro!
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I am trying to shred using power chords
i've been playing just over a month as well, so i know what you mean. Sometimes it's hard to know where to go next. i like playing some simple songs from bands i like, and working on trying to get further in the song. Just playing some cool power chords and playing around with some cool rhythm parts by mixing and matching chords is really fun as well. anyways good luck. cheers.
Try learning Stairway To Heaven! By Led Zeppelin. That was one of the first songs I learned when I first got my guitar. Took a few months, but it definetly made me better.
the pentatonic scales are great for begginers to learn. If you are interested in theory(which you should be it will help you a lot) learn how to form the major scale and it's modes and how to make a chord progression. Learn about intervals to, they make everything in theory easier(at least for me they did).