Ok so for ages Ive been wanting an ISP Decimator for my hugely noisey amp. But after having read a load of reviews on Harmony Central just now (All 54 of them infact), Im having second thoughts. From what Ive read, the pedal version does its job but colours tone very slightly and cuts sustain if turned up high. And I also heard it doesnt have true bypass? (It should do though, right? ) And I like to use my clean channel and distortion channel and Ive heard you cant set it to cater for both?

Also after reading about the ProRackG System, it sounds like its just the same as having two pedal versions and running one out front of the amp and one through the effects loop. Am I right? Because it would be a hell of alot cheaper to just buy two pedal versions than to buy the rack version but If the rack version is better, Ill happily fork out for that. So I guess my questions are, Is the pedal version good by itself? Would the rack version be better? Is getting two pedal versions the same as having the rack version? Im very confused by all of this. Please help.
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The pedal only cuts sustain when its turned up higher than it needs to be when set right it doesnt. Imo the rack is basically two pedals
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Thats what I thought. One out front to cut noise from guitar and pedal, one on the effects loop to cut noise from the amp. And thats how it said the Rack version worked. I might just get two pedals then, its cheaper. Any one else know anything?
I suggest you only buy one first. If that does the job, you don't need to get an another one.
Yeah thats what Im gunna do. Its my birthday in a few weeks and then christmas after that so I can get another one for Xmas if needs be. And if they dont work out, I'll send 'em back and try the rack version out. Sound like a good plan?
Ive been thinking and I think I might just save up for the rack version, as it wil be worth it in the long run.