I guess I am a strat guy. I just can't seem to get used to the shape of the RR. 2006 RR1 in gray snakeskin, EMG 85/81, MOP sharkies, neck and headstock binding, OFR, MOP Jakson logo, black hardware, and black Schaller strap locks. The guitar is mint except for what looks like some discoloration in the clear coat under the Jackson logo on the headstock. Case included.

What I'm looking for: USA Jackson SL1, SL2H, USA Charvel's. I want something with an OFR. Graphics or solid colors, doesn't matter. I will get some pics up soon.

Also, I would consider YJM strats, DK1, Jem's. Just let me know what you have, you never know, I may like it.

US only.

Pics taken by the former owner:


I have been asked several times for a sale price. If I sell, I am asking $1400 shipped in the U.S.
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Looking for: an acoustic, recording gear, or $
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i got a squier strat value package and XBOX 360 to trade. pick your choice if interested

haha, you'd have to include both of those and some serious cash. do you kno how much RR1s are??
I beleive what you refer to as discoloration is just the rainbow looking thing that USA Jacksons have.
probably no but worth a try

a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR with the OFR
Black Coffin Case
Black PSP?
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Guys, this one has been gone since November 2007. Thanks for your interest, though.