I need some suggestions concerning a new amp for myself...My price range is anywhere between 500-1000, I play mainly hard rock-metal and a good clean sound would be a bonus!!!

Thanks UG,

500-1000 what?
Pound, Dollar?

Pound you can look for a Mesa-Boogie but with dollars you might find a second-hand one nowhere near a new one!
Yeah I'd look for one of these Mesa models:
Used F-Series
Used Rectoverb Head or Combo
Used Subway Rocket

EDIT: oh those are Canadian dollars? you might have a tough time then.
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Hmm. Try looking for a used JCM800 or 900 (the 900 is more modern sounding, so if you want classic rock tones as well, go for the 800). Alternatively, try the Randall RG50TC or B-52 AT 112 combo.

how many €are 500 canadean dollars?

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Mike, I was in the same position as you about a year and a half ago, i looked at B-52 combos and halfstacks but what i bought in the end was the peavey valveking 100 halfstack. Its great for the kind of music you want to play and this is its price NEW. It does have some break in time, mine was about a month but ive had it for over a year and a half now and i have not had one problem yet, and its really, really loud.

thats my two cents,

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Peavey Valveking Halfstack 100 watt A/B
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so its £250-£500 then...

Get a Marshall in the AVT seris

no, go used - orange tiny terror, jcm900, peavey classic, laney even
doesnt matter...i will be purchasing an hot plate if the amp is very loud