Last night I think I witnessed the craziest guitar technique ever
in person. I was at a bar and this guy was playing on a Gibson Les Paul
(custom?) and he was dive-bombing with a brass slide.

At some points he was playing all the way down on the bridge with
the slide about a half inch from the pick. That was one of the craziest
things I've ever seen. I swear I heard a whammy...but it was all slide.
No digital amp, pedals or anything...

Are there any artists that you are familiar with that are really innovative
with the slide like this? Id like to practice with mine more now...

tips are welcome too..

I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
It's not innovative...unless you were watching Duane Allman, check out his solo in the original version of Layla and you'll see what I mean.
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