hes a good musician but i dont listen to him, not really my style i guess
M&S? if he can make his voice sound like a hooker, that's a Helluva skill of his.
I love the guy. ONly got Supernatural, but the playing & sounds on that are great when you avoid the hip-hop themed songs.
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i listen to him everyonce in awhile i have supernatural and shawman lots of dffernt styles
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Excellent player with unique tone. His first three albums are near masterpieces.
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Hell yeah. To me, it's perfect Chill-out music, really. When you don';t wanna be bombarded by the noise and just wanna take a break & chill... Although tbh Put Your LKights on is a beautiful song as is. One of the few ballads that doesn't depress me
The rig:
Gibson SG faded special -> Marshall MG 50/100 (working on a valve amp)
Backup: Vintage AV1
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He has the sexiest sustain.

i thought i was the only one who noticed
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Cause there music is heavy.

Writing music is hard D:
He is doing it for the money. And his "new" stuff is no where near the "good" stuff he used to write. Pop-rock music is not for him. He can probably make those solos in one shot.

Old santana FTW
he was born on the same day as me (accept for the year obviously)
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I think he's a great guitarist, just isn't a style of music that I listen to.
Yea, Beefheart said it best when he referenced his first three ablums: Santana, Abraxas and Santana III. That is classic Santana right there. You can hear his passion and emotion in his playing. He's all about good feelings and vibes. I love watchin' him on video as well, because he seems like a person I would love to meet.

If you are looking to get an album, I would start with his first. Hear the first 5 songs and you will be HOOKED.
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I love Just Feel Better, that one he did with Steven Tyler.

Me too. Great song
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Carlos Santana has been one of my largest influences on playing guitar. His songwriting and technical abilities on the instrument are absolutely amazing.

People tend to know Santana (the band, rather than the musician) for the first three studio albums that it released: Santana, Abraxis, and and Santana III. However, I feel quite passionately for other studio gems, such as the great Jazz-Fusion-influenced album, Caravanserai, and the late-70s album Inner Secrets.
He has perhaps one of the sweetest tones ever, but I don't like his playing so much for some reason. I honestly don't know why.
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Yeh he's great...but...

i think he knows it, and shows off a bit to much

*cringes, waiting for the inevitable smiting*
He's incredible, I think his Woodstock performance was the highlight of the festival, and his drummer at Woodstock was insane.
Michael Shrieve is who you mean. Considering that he was the youngest performer at Woodstock, I'd say he had a decently good show.

Michael Shrieve was definitely my favorite Santana drummer, but quite sadly he left after Santana's fourth album.