yeah, another new guitar, damnit. i have GAS and way too much money for an irresponsible college kid, picked this bad boy up with a hardcase for 100 dollars at the pawnshop, i love the way it played, the electronics are shot, so its gonna be a big repair, and i might keep it, might resell it, anyways, i would like to know how much these things were new, mine is the 1985 RS440, so it has the pro rockr/toplok string system, id like an arm for it, i was told that the ibanez arm }(part number 2LE2-1B) would fit it, and i cant find customer service on ibanez.com anywhere, so if anyone knows how to contact them that would be awesome. Anyone know any neat facts about them? anyone have one? any experiences with roadstars or the pro rockr bridge? Ill post pics sometime tomorrow, im at college for the past few days and i picked it up at the local pawn shop. I plan on repainting it to a white/black burst, it has a black neck, so i think that would look pretty cool.. and the the bridge pickup is a push/push for single/double humbucker? iom not sure how it works and i think that is actually the reason why the guitar isnt working properly as far as electronics go. its got a V5 doulbe humbucker in the bridge and S7's in the neck/middle? they are singles, anyways, any info? i already went through harmony-central, most of them have no idea what they are talking about.
I have played one and thought about buying it and do some mod, but the square neck joint put me off.

Anyway, it is better than most RS guitars. If it is made in 85, that means it is the RS440 and the next year, they produced the RG440, which is basically the same but with edge bridge.

That's all I know. Pretty useless info really.

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