well i've been playing for a good 4 years now, but only in the last couple of years have i really picked up my pace and started playing fast and heavy. so anyways, now i'm noticing that whenever i do some fast picking my right hand(picking hand) seems to hurt a little, the pains varies from the shoulder to the forearm, and from mild to seriously distracting. this happens everytime i try to do something fast, like the rhythm to master of puppets and some lamb of god ****. so is this something that will go away by practise or something i should be worried about?
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You're arms not relaxed, it'll be tense you have to slow down and really focus and examine whats causing it and see how you can relax it, it could be that you're just picking stupidly hard

Pain = bad
^ is dead on. your hand should be totally relaxed, the road you're heading down leads to carpal tunnel (i used to pick like you do, i ended up with a slight case of it before i corrected myself) best to fix it now before you eff yer arm up.
might sound daft but wave your arm around like mad and then start playing again, your hand will be all nice and loose
Just like what they are saying, relax more when your playing. If your tense your just wasting your energy when you could be playing the same thing but relaxed.